Good byes are tough

I said good-bye to my friend Reanne and her family yesterday. They moved out of town today. Our children are very close in age. This is my Olivia playing with Reanne's Jonathyn. They are less than a couple months apart in age.

Reanne's daughter Shyla is only a few months younger than my Aiden and they have been in the same class since they started school last year in pre-kindergarten. Reanne's second daughter Kylie is only a couple months younger than my Owen and they too have been in the same class.
Put them all together and you get quite the enjoyable chaos.

Of course we were missing Reanne's daughter Jadyn who passed away this past week. Jadyn was 2 years old. Reanne and I have often thought it was very interesting how close in age all our children are. I was due on almost the same day as Reanne was with Jadyn but I had a miscarriage. Reanne commented to me that now both of our third children are in heaven together. Her sweet Jadyn and my miscarried baby that we never got the chance to meet.

Reanne gave me some of Jadyn's clothes for Olivia. She also gave me Jadyn's Care Bears. Olivia loves them. She has spent the day today giving them kisses.
We will miss you Jadyn and think of you when we play with your bears.

And we all will miss your family now that you have moved away. Come back and visit soon.


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