Christmas Angels

The most amazing thing happened to us tonight... while we were at the Christmas Eve service at church Christmas Angels visited our house!

We walked into our living room and there were dozens of presents waiting for us- presents that we had not expected and had NO idea where they came from! The boys thought Santa had come early... and for a minute I wondered about it too!

As it turns out our family was randomly selected from the pastor's in our district to receive this amazing Christmas blessing. My friends and my mom have been hiding this secret from us for months apparently.

So we get to have two Christmas present openings this year... one tonight and one tomorrow.

We got TONS of stuff...I covered our love seat with all the clothes we were given... full outfits for the boys and for Olivia, several pairs of handmade mittens and socks and hats.... loads of clothes.
And I covered our couch with all the other stuff we got... toys for the kids, books for Doug and I, DVD's, CD's, table clothes, towels, a new iron, games, a beautiful nativity set (which I have been wanting for ages!), toiletries, food stuff, just tons and tons of stuff.

It was amazing.

We feel so very blessed.

So to our Christmas Angels... thank-you for the wonderful surprise blessings this Christmas Eve!!!!


Bebemiqui said…
Thanks amazing Tara! What a cool blessing.
Thank you for being such an amazing encouragement and blessing to me in this great blogsphere!

Merry Christmas!
I didn't know if you had time or not, so I cried for you-- what a wonderful blessing! I would've been a blubbering mess. Happy Christmas!
Judy said…
Wow, Tara. That is fantastic!
Yay! That is wonderful!
Amanda Franks said…
That is such an awesome blessing, and I know you guys will be thankful for it all year long, couldn't happen to better people!

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