tough week

It is a tough week. Not only because of the tragedy of my friend's daughter passing away- although that has certainly added to the sadness- but because of the multitude of things requiring my physical and emotional attention. I have noticed that things often seem to happen all at once.

- having a funeral and all that entails emotionally
- planning and running the funeral lunch
- all three of my kids are sick with colds
- I have a disastrously messy house and piles of dirty laundry
- my sweet friend Becky's sons' band is playing a concert tonight and I'm helping out with the concession
- because my daughter is sick I haven't exactly had the best sleep for the last few days
- I haven't even begun to get all my Christmas cards and stuff ready to send out to all our friends and relatives far away

And I know that really my life is not that tough. I DO know that. And I am thankful, truly thankful for the incredible amount of GOOD in my life.

I just find that funeral weeks are tough generally and this one especially so. And when my husband and I spend more time than normal away from home and the boys end up with baby sitters they are just a lot more antsy than normal.

But this too shall pass.


Pickel said…
Tara, I am going to see if Therapy Shoppe will ship to Canada for you. :) if so, you won the Social Stories Giveaway and I will need your address. email me when you get a chance.

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