Three Cheers for Teachers

My son Aiden got his report card yesterday and I must say I am so proud of him. For a kid that has been having such a difficult time adjusting to school I think he did extraordinarily well. And I must say that I am SO thankful for his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Kirk, and her incredible dedication to teaching- even when it is difficult! She is amazing and I think she is a gift from God to my son and our family. This year could have been a nightmare but with all Mrs. Kirk's hard work it has been getting better and better. And WOW do teacher's ever do a LOT of work. I don't think the teacher's of this world get enough recognition for their incredible amount of hard work. So if you are a teacher and you are reading this- thank-you for all you do for our kids. This world is a better place because of your dedication. Three cheers for the teachers!
If you're not a teacher and you have kids in school remember to thank your kids' teachers for all their hard work.

In other news Olivia is still sick with a cold. But she is lovely like she usually is. Yesterday she got a hold of a carrot and was using it as a teether- I thought it looked pretty funny.

Olivia has also been free-standing a lot lately. No walking yet but she can stand-up in the middle of the room and crouch down to pick something up, then stand-up again without holding on to anything and without sitting down. I am very impressed. Walking probably isn't too far away. Of course I am a little sad that she is growing so fast. I think I might actually miss her baby stage... not enough to have any more babies but at least I'll remember it fondly.
This morning Aiden has been playing Lego. My son ADORES Lego. He can sit and play for HOURS. And he makes amazing creations.
I tried to get him to smile nicely for a picture... but instead he made this face. Oh well. I think he's cute. And very smart.

And I have to tell you all what a pleasure it is to take my sweet Owen to school in the mornings. He LOVES school. We have a wonderfully pleasant walk to school (like, maybe 2 blocks away) together and when we get to his classroom he just jumps right in. No problem. He loves his teachers (who are also amazing) and he loves the kids in his class. Even when he is a little grumpy or sick or something he is still a pleasure to take to school. I love it. It makes me happy every morning. I love knowing that he is having fun and that he loves being there. And of course he is so smart... I may be biased here but that is not the point. The point is I am, again, so thankful for wonderful teachers who make school such a pleasant learning environment for my kids. Love it.


Colleen said…
I laughed aloud at that sweet picture of Olivia - the second one the carrot. That's hilarious! And I'm so glad to hear about Aiden and his report card and his wunderbar teacher. SO encouraging.

kelle said…
Those pictures of Olivia are VERY cute! Hope she feels better soon!
Bebemiqui said…
Cute pictures, I wonder about introducing my son to Legos. Is almost 4 too early?
Amanda Franks said…
Teachers are amazing, and I too underestimated the amount of work they do. So glad to hear that school is just getting better and better for the boys.

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