The thing about cleaning....

The thing about housework is the CONSTANT-ness of it all. I mean you just finish working your tushy off cleaning one thing and then there is a hundred more things to clean and then while you are cleaning the next thing the FIRST thing gets all messy again. So by the time you have cleaned everything in your house you have to start all over at the beginning again. And that's only if you are lucky enough to actually FINISH cleaning everything in your house. If you are me you never manage to actually get to the end of the list before you have to go back to the first thing again.

My point is it never ends.

And also that you have to keep cleaning the EXACT SAME THING over and over and over and over and over again.

I hate that.

It makes me want to put one of those "DO NOT CROSS" police barrier things around every little area I clean until the whole house is perfect and surrounded by "DO NOT CROSS" lines and then I shall go back into my beautiful perfect home and sit peacefully and enjoy it immensely.

Until I let my kids and husband back in and they shall destroy it immediately.

They are VERY talented destroyers.

I love them anyway.

But I really DO wish that things would just STAY clean... just for a day. Or even an hour.

But it won't you know.



Bebemiqui said…
I actually have a rule in my house that requires no one to mess up the house for an hour after I'm done. Death happens if that rule is broken.
Nikki said…
oh girl...i totally agree...housework just isn't rewarding since you know it has to be done and redone...the cycle never ends. For example...I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed our kitchen floor...the very next was already disgusting!!!!! LOL!!!

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