Pretty girl in a pretty dress

Here is my sweet baby girl (who is almost 1 year old!!!!) in one of the beautiful dresses I got for her at Wal-Mart. Oh Wal-Mart how I love thee. I just can't help myself.
Olivia is also wearing the cute little tights that look like little ballet slippers that she got from her Auntie Shoz. So adorable!
Olivia has taken to climbing things lately. A lot. Even in her Sunday finery she was able to climb up into the chair... but she was very annoyed at her dress and tried to yank it off for awhile afterwards.

Daddy and Aiden were working on a Lego creation (instead of getting dressed for church) and Olivia wanted to participate. This caused Aiden much stress.
And one last picture of Olivia and mommy... oh how I love having a little girl to play dress up with!


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