Happy Birthday Cecile

Last night I had a GREAT evening. The day was hard, funerals are always hard. But after everything was put away and cleaned up my friends Becky and Cecile and their families came over to our place for a few hours. It was lovely. We don't seem to get to spend much time together these days so it was an especially fun treat. Plus it was Cecile's birthday so we even got to eat ice cream cake... which always makes my days better!

I know I've said this before but I really love my friends Becky and Cecile. They are fabulous and they make my world a better place. Their families are great too.

The crazy thing about it was the my sons slept through the whole thing! I was amazed. Apparently my mom took them tobogganing during the afternoon so they were both wiped right out. Olivia stayed up though and played with my friend Cecile's son, Karter, who is only a few months older than Olivia. They were pretty cute together.

We really need to do that more often... laughing with friends is very therapeutic!


Colleen said…
Beautiful closeups, Tara, just beautiful. I'm so glad you had a beautiful ending to such a difficult day.
Colleen said…
P.S. Beautiful. I didn't think I had said it enough in the above comment.

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