The cough I dread

There is a certain cough in my house that I DREAD hearing. Perhaps all mother's of asthmatics dread THE cough. I don't know. But it sends chills down my spine. It is the cough of a child struggling to breath. I hate it.

Tonight my son Aiden has THE cough (still) but he also has medication which seems to be working.

My daughter Olivia also has THE cough. And she has yet to be diagnosed with asthma (although I suspect she will be) and therefore has no medication.

And to top it all off there is now more infant cold medications. So I can't even help her with her stuffy nose or anything. She just has to cough and let her head fill with goop with no aid from Tylenol Cold for infants. Tragic.

It helps to keep the kids' rooms cold... I don't know why but the cold air helps with the bronchial passages. That means I can't use those handy vicks vapourizers because they make the room too warm and although they clear up the stuffiness they make the asthma worse.

Eventually we will get in to see our specialist in the city and then (likely) Olivia will have some decent medication so that the poor child can stop coughing.

Until then there really is nothing I can do for her except comfort her. And clear out her nose with our handy dandy bulb syringe thingy.

And hope that Aiden's medication keeps him breathing easily all night long so that I only have ONE sick baby to deal with.

Owen is fine by the way. He's a trooper. He also has asthma but it is less severe than Aiden's.

Aiden actually ASKED to go to bed at 5:30 pm tonight because he is feeling so crappy. I had to bribe him with Halloween candy to keep him up until 6:30pm. I have let him go to sleep super early before but then he wakes up for the day at like 3 am. That doesn't work for me. Hopefully he will stay asleep until 6 am tomorrow.

On the up side the fact that Aiden is feeling crappy has apparently had a positive impact on his behaviour in school. He has a lot less energy and therefore is a lot less disruptive. Maybe the good behaviour will last past the sickness.

On a completely different topic I have ventured into new territory. I have agreed to have an Epicure spices party at my house. I have NEVER hosted ANY sort of sellable stuff party in my home. SO this will be a first for me. You never know, I may like it and it could start a new trend of sociability in me.



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