Clothing required

Yesterday I got to go to school again with Owen for a "parent monday" session. This time we did a whole bunch of relay races in the gym... and wow am I pathetically out of shape. My legs are even sore today from the "workout". It was fun. I got to be a team with Owen and he loved that. I'm sure it was especially funny for my friend Robyn and the teacher, Miss. Hauser, to watch my poor son trying to push me the length of the gym on a tiny little "scooter" (square with wheels). I enjoyed watching Owen have so much fun though. 4 year olds are very enjoyable!

I have been needing new shoes for awhile now... but I actually really hate wearing shoes so it's a real chore to go shoe shopping for me. But I took the plunge and we made the trek to Prince Albert to buy me shoes and pants that fit. I am actually quite pleased with my purchases... as long as I don't think about the spending money part. I figure clothes should be free. It's not like I can go without them. We live in SASKATCHEWAN!!! It's COLD here people. In fact it is below freezing here today. You try going barefoot in that kind of weather.

We also went out for supper and the boys did AWESOME!!! I was so proud. They weren't embarrassing at all, they sat nicely, they were polite, they stayed off the floor, they didn't fight, and miracle of all miracles- they actually ATE their suppers! Amazing. My mom came with us and all in all it was a rather pleasant outing.

Of course I totally forgot to buy the boys winter boots. I am ON the ball people.

I also called and made an appointment with our Asthma specialist in the city to see Aiden, Owen and myself. Hopefully we can help my son breath better on a more regular basis.

I took Olivia to the doctor for her cold just to make sure it wasn't something worse. It's not. It's just a cold. Which we get to endure through without the aid of medication. Which is why I am so tired.

My sweet friend Becky came over and had a visit and tea with me this morning. I love my friend Becky. She is awesome. And this time I actually remembered to offer her tea and muffins (which my husband hand made from scratch this morning... yep, he's impressive). Look at me being a good hostess!


Caroline said…
I hate shoes too! But we live in South Texas, and you never need shoes (except to be polite of course).

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