Christmas is on its way

I realize it is still November but I felt like decorating for Christmas early this year. I'm just in the mood I guess.

So here are some pictures of our tree-trimming extravaganza...

Olivia really wanted to taste the lights... she is finding the whole tree thing fascinating.
The boys enjoyed decorating the tree this year and I really enjoyed watching them!
Here is Daddy snuggling with Aiden. Don't I live with cute boys? Of course the problem with putting the tree up is now I have to endure the question "did Santa come yet?" every day several times a day. Oh well. Small price to pay for being Christmasy.

Olivia looking like the angel that she is.And of course with all the snow we've had here my dear husband has had an awful lot of shovelling to do. Of course Owen was very willing to "help".
Aiden was "helping" by pretending to shoot the bad guys out of our yard.

For some reason Owen and Aiden are both obsessed with eating snow. I don't know why. This is Owen eating the snow Doug shovelled... it contained nice bits of dirt and gravel that Owen had to spit out. Gross.

At one point I even had to help Owen get the dirt out of his mouth. Super gross.
And this is a picture of our town. This is main street. I know what you are thinking... wow, that is a HUGE thriving metropolis of activity...just kidding. Our town is tiny. We don't even have a stop light. But we do have pretty Christmas decorations going up and in a couple weeks there will be a Christmas tree outside of every business on main street. It looks wonderful all covered in white.


Colleen said…
I love all the photos, Tara! Olivia is a doll.

And what a great idea that every business should have its' own Christmas tree outside. It must be absolutely lovely with the snow and the twinkling.

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