Christmas incidents

Last night we had about 55 teenagers go through our house... it was a youth group "progressive supper" which means you go to a bunch of different houses and have a different "course" at each home. So we served dessert. They had salad at a different house, soup somewhere else, etc. There were 5 different groups so basically we served dessert for about 2 hours. It went very well and my sons slept through the entire evening. Amazing.

My daughter stole the show by taking her first steps while the teens were here. She walked an entire 4 steps all on her own. She is so cute.

This morning my son Owen broke one of the two glass Christmas ornaments we have and sliced open his middle finger. So I took him to our local hospital to make sure he didn't need any stitches - he didn't. Well, they decided it would hurt him more to get stitches than to just let it heal all bandaged up. He was a VERY good kid.

But man... did he ever bleed. Poor little guy.

A couple years ago he tried to EAT a glass ball ornament- he actually put it in his mouth and CHEWED it up! I was horrified and threw away every glass ball we owned. He was fine. Not a cut, not a scrape. It was clearly a miracle.

Of course we threw the glass in a plastic garbage bag (brilliant, I know) and then my son Aiden tripped and fell on the bag and cut his hand open. He had to get stitches. Sheesh.

Apparently we have to have at least one trip to the hospital every time we decorate a tree around here.

So I am paranoid about glass ornaments. But we do have... well, we DID have, two little glass balls with the boys names on them. Now we only have one. I will be putting it away so there will be no more "incidents" involving Christmas ornaments.

I am starting to feel slightly panicky about Christmas presents since we haven't really gotten any yet for the kids... or anyone else for that matter.

I have presents for Olivia's first birthday though.

I really have to get it together!


Colleen said…
You have a completely delightfully great way of writing about the every day of your world.
I'm glad to hear Owen was alright and didn't need stitches.
And sweet little Olivia walking in front of an adoring crowd. She knows how to do it, that's for sure!

Amanda Franks said…
I haven't even started thinking about Christmas gifts! I am so clueless on what to get my kids, I mean they're going to love the box more anyway!! I'm sure it will all come together splendidly, with many more Christmas adventures to blog about!

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