Ok people... it is COLD here. Seriously. -24 Celcius (-38 with the wind chill). That is cold.

We did a bunch of Christmas shopping yesterday ... I partly LOVE Christmas shopping and I partly HATE it. I hate the money part. I love the buying gifts part. I really do love Christmas. I'm a sucker for Christmas decorating, music, gifts, the whole nine yards. It is just plain fun for me.

This morning Owen and I got to do a Christmas craft together at school. I really do enjoy "parent Mondays" with Owen. It is fun and it is nice for us to get a chance to just spend time the two of us. I had no idea how difficult it would be to get individual time with each individual kid once I had 3 kids!

Well... I suppose it's hard to get ANY time for ANYTHING now that I have 3 kids so it shouldn't surprise me that much!


Bebemiqui said…
Okay, I laughed really hard at your bleeding head story. Hmm, I don't feel nearly as whiney about our cold 20 degrees here.

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