The Birds meet Shadow the Cat

We have this cool Mountain Ash tree in our front yard and the birds LOVE to come en masse and eat the berries off of it...

I know it is hard to tell from these pictures but there are probably about 50 birds in this little tree at once.

All the leaves fell off long ago but the berries stay. I'm sure they are frozen solid but the birds sure love them. Tons of birds come and eat them and in about a week the tree is bare and the birds are all fed up for winter.

My kitten Shadow almost goes crazy watching those birds. He desperately wants to catch them.

After awhile he gets too frustrated with the birds and starts to attack the snow. It's pretty funny to watch.

This is Shadow looking annoyed at me for interrupting his bird catching.

I think he is a beautiful cat. And he looks so amazing surrounded by white snow!

Anyway, I've been spending my free moments watching the birds and my cat. So far Shadow has been entirely unsuccessful in his bird catching efforts. But he is only 7 months old. Perhaps next year he will be luckier.

And I hope I am not watching when it happens.


I love those birds. They are so beautiful. And I actually find it quite fascinating to watch them. However I think I would find it LESS fascinating to watch my otherwise lovely kitty torture them to death as cats are wont to do.

Ah, nature.


Colleen said…
Those bird photos - how beautiful! I would love to watch them in your berry tree. Great shots, Tara!

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