Well that sucked

Tonight was the Open House at my son's school. In theory it was supposed to be a time for us parents (and grandparents) to visit the kid's classrooms and see their work and then attend a presentation in the gym.

We started in Owen's classroom and things went well there. So far so good. The boys played with some toys and other kids while we chatted with Owen's sweet teacher and looked at his work. It was a very nice 15 minutes.

Then we went to Aiden's classroom. It started out ok, talking to his wonderful teacher and seeing his classroom. Then Aiden started to get more and more worked up. There is a certain stuffed animal in his classroom that he adores and has adopted as his own. He has named it "Cookie". He grabbed Cookie and started racing around the classroom. Both his teacher and I told him not to run. Then it was time for us to head to the gym. Aiden was supposed to leave the stuffed animal in its "special spot" so we could head to the gym. Aiden FREAKED out about leaving the toy. I mean REALLY freaked out. Crying real tears and everything. It was like his teacher and I had taken the toy from him and shredded it on the spot instead of just asking him to put the toy on the shelf.

While this is going on my mother is playing with Olivia and Owen who are both being wonderful. Doug had to leave early to lead a small group tonight so he wasn't there to experience the joy.

Anyway, I finally wrestle Aiden out of the room and we start down the hall to the gym. There are LOTS of people there. We get to the gym doors and Aiden FREAKS out again. Throws himself on the floor screaming and refuses to enter the gym. I say "ok, we don't have to go in" and try to drag him out of the way of all the other parents trying to get in the door. Aiden jumps up and runs screaming down the hallway towards the door, all the while yelling at the top of his voice "ME WANT TO GO HOME" and hitting himself in the head. By the time I get my mother, Olivia in her stroller, and Owen turned around Aiden has reached the other end of the school. I then had to walk through the gauntlet of staring parents and teachers to get to my still screaming son. Aiden is red in the face, crying, yelling, and hitting himself. I got to him, took him in my arms and we sat down on the floor. It took me at least 15 minutes to get him calmed down. By the time he was calm the hallways were empty- everyone was in the gym. Owen was upset though because he was feeling very ignored. Olivia was also upset because she was still in her stroller.

We left.

We got home and I put the boys to bed, sent my mom home, put Olivia to bed and turned on the TV. Now I am watching Beauty and the Geek. Highly educational programming I know. But it is better than the "Watch My Son Freak Out About Nothing" show that I was watching earlier.

In other news my friend James and his wife Jodi had their first baby today- a baby girl named Rachel. Congratulations James and Jodi. May Rachel never run screaming down her school's hallway hitting herself and screaming at the top of her lungs.


Judy said…
Oh, how sad.

I've no magic words to make it all better, but you ARE a good mother, don't let any looks from other parents try to tell you otherwise.

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