Toothpicks for my eyelids

Did you know that if you stop doing your housework for 12 hours in a row then your entire house looks like a bomb went off in it? It's true.

Last night was a rough night. Olivia REALLY had a hard time sleeping... therefore I had a hard time sleeping. I think she might have an earache... or a sore throat... or something. Hard to tell but whatever it is keeps waking her up. By the time I got up this morning I really felt like I had been run over by a truck.

All day today I have had moments of nearly falling asleep. Anytime I let my guard down my eyes start to slide shut.

If I had no kids that wouldn't be a problem. But I do have kids. Therefore I really can't allow myself to fall asleep. So instead I have been drinking tea (I hate coffee) and eating unhealthy snacks to keep me awake.

But that is the most energy I seem to be able to muster up. So everything else is sliding. There is a complete disaster area in my kitchen. My living room has crushed cheerios on the floor. My laundry is fermenting in my basement.

On the up side my sons are both bathed and fed. My daughter is napping and therefore not crying. And I didn't fall asleep on the job today.

3 cheers for tired mommy!


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