Pray for my husband

My husband left today for his ordination interview. He is staying in hotel tonight and then has the interview tomorrow morning. All of you who are prayers please pray for him. It is a big deal.

My wonderful mother is staying with me to help me with the kids and the house and life. I don't know how you single moms out there do it. Honestly. You are amazing. I couldn't do this on my own.

Tonight all three kids are a little off kilter. Both boys claimed to have tummy aches and for some reason Olivia's tummy was upset too. It took over an hour to get them all to sleep... normally my boys go to sleep unbelievably easily. But before you get too jealous just know that they get up EVERY single morning at 6 am. Faithfully. They NEVER sleep in. Ever. No matter how late they go to bed they still get up at 6 am. I'd pay some good money (if I had any) to sleep in to 9 am.

Both boys have school in the morning.
Mom has the day off to help me get my house back in order.
Doug has his interview at 11 am. Poor guy.

Oh, and Olivia got her second tooth today. That's probably what upset her tummy.


Girl Gone Wild said…
I'm de-lurking for a moment...

You didn't have to do the interview with him? I did. It was nerve wracking!! I was so afraid I was going to screw everything up for him. Thankfully it went well. I'm sure you're husband's went fine too.

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