Owen's Halloween Party

This morning I got to go to school with Owen for his Halloween party. It was very cute. The school didn't let the kids wear costumes to school- instead they were supposed to dress up in black and orange and crazy hair. Both my sons refused to do crazy hair... not that I could have done much with their hair anyway.

Here are a few pictures from the party.
This is Owen's fabulous teacher- Miss. Hauser. Doesn't she look cute with bright pink hair?
This is Miss. Hauser with the most amazing teacher's assistant EVER- Mrs. Armstrong. I especially liked her pippi-longstocking hair.
I couldn't convince Owen to smile nice with me... oh well.

Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe.


Bebemiqui said…
Wish I could pull off pink hair.
Colleen said…
Wow, at least Owen's giving a halloween face. I wouldn't wanna mess with that! ;) Oh aside from the fact that he's completely adorable.

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