I love my kids

My kids are cute. I know I have told you all this before... but it's true. They are. Even when they are driving me crazy they are cute. And they are so different from each other. That always amazes me. I didn't have siblings and I guess I thought siblings would be more... similar than they are. I mean, they look an awful lot alike in many ways. But they ACT so differently. And they enjoy such different things. Aiden is so intense. Owen is so easy going (most of the time) and Olivia is so... girly. And I don't care what anyone else says there is DEFINITELY many differences between boys and girls immediately from birth.Olivia's newest past time is climbing. We have two small stools by the gates so the boys can climb over without opening them. Olivia spends a good portion of her time climbing those stools but she hasn't yet figured out how to climb DOWN. This causes her much stress.
I get this look most of the time I am in the kitchen... she really disapproves of me not allowing her to roam free. But my kitchen just isn't safe for her. There are stairs to the basement, cat food, cat litter, food bits and other gross things under the table, it's just not safe. Plus I can't get a thing done with her on my hip, or at my feet.
The other night I was having a major chocolate craving so I snuck some halloween candy after the boys were in bed. Olivia had a grand time emptying the box. She really wanted some of that chocolate.
A girl after her mother's own heart I guess!


Jinny and Colin said…
Dude! I was totally looking for that chocolate bar combination, but Walmart didn't have it. That's so sad. Yay for you though. Now you just have to hope that not many kids come to your house so that there's leftovers...at least that's what I'm hoping!

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