Halloween Cupcakes

Yesterday morning I got to go to school with Owen to make Halloween cupcakes for his class. We had a lot of fun. So much fun that he wanted to make MORE cupcakes when we got home. So we waiting until Aiden got home from school and we made more. We had a good time. Grandma and Olivia watched, Daddy took pictures, Owen, Aiden and I got messy.Owen made chocolate cupcakes and kept trying to stick his fingers in the batter so he could lick them clean. He didn't seem to care about the raw eggs and the risk of salmonella. Go figure.
Both boys got mix all over their shirts within seconds of beginning and then wanted them off. Owen said he didn't mind getting messy on his tummy because he is cleanable. Good to know.
I let them do all the work themselves. It was very messy. Aiden got white cupcake batter EVERYWHERE. It was impressive.

They sure had fun making those cupcakes. I let them decorate a few but the rest we put in bags to consume SLOWLY over the next few days. Too much sugar in one day equals no fun for mommy.
Aiden hasn't been feeling very well for a couple weeks now- he has a cold that just won't go away. But he also has asthma and yesterday he just could not stop coughing. I took him to see the doctor last night and I was told that we aren't controlling Aiden's asthma well enough. So the doctor is trying another daily medication. Now poor Aiden will have to have his inhaler twice a day and a chewable pill once a day. Hopefully that will help.
Olivia has two teeth now. And it hurts when she bites. I kind of miss her sweet toothless grin. But alas, babies can't stay babies forever. She is still unbelievably cute in my personal (and correct) opinion.
I thought you all would enjoy seeing the latest installation of "floor art" in my home.... Owen drew on the living room carpet with pink marker. My husband was NOT impressed. I am much less concerned... our carpet is hopeless. It actually might look better coloured. And if you give your son a banana and he SAYS he ate it but really he just put it down and then your daughter gets a hold of it and crawls behind the desk to squash it all over everything ... this is what it looks like. I prefer marker floor art to squashed banana floor art.

On a completely unrelated topic my mom has been rather pushy lately about getting a hold of our Christmas wish list. In the process of getting one together for her I discovered something about myself. It is very hard for me to come up with a list of what a want for myself. It's not that I am being secretive about it... I just really can't think of what I want. I mean, sure, I could always use some decent clothes but I refuse to believe I will remain this size forever so I don't see much of a point in spending money on clothes I won't wear for very long (humour me). And I love to read but the library has all the books I need and then I don't have to store them in my house. I love to blog and do facebook but I already have a computer so that's taken care of.

See what I mean?

Everything I really want is not really giveable. Like sleep. Daily time to myself. Regular visits with my friends without being constantly interrupted by our kids. A maid. A huge soaker tub (that wouldn't fit in my not-so-huge bathroom). A trip to Tahiti where you can stay in those cool little huts above the water and some very kind local brings you fresh food every day and they provide you with a full-time nanny and wonderful kids programs and .... you get the picture. I'd also settle for an all-inclusive Disney cruise.

Anyway, the point is I don't really need anything. And tea towels and an ironing board cover aren't exactly the most interesting things to put on your Christmas wish list. And I must admit it was a little unnerving to have my mother stare deeply into my eyes and say "what do you REALLY like to do honey? I mean, do for yourself? Your hobbies?" .... um.... does taking a shower count?

My life is just totally wrapped up in my kids right now. And I'm ok with that. In fact, it is what I think God wants for me right now. Someday I will have more time (in theory) and I can pursue some hobbies then.

Who knew writing a Christmas wish list could be so stressful?


Anonymous said…
You could always get your mom to get you a couple of visits by a housekeeper. Even if it's 1 a month, or every 3-4 (whatever her budget is), it would be a nice treat. You could get your spring cleaning done for you. Or she could do a joint gift for you and hubby and put you up in a hotel for the night and watch the kids.You could order room service and imagine you're in Tahiti. :) Just a couple of suggestions that sort of fit with your wish list.
el Maggie said…
There's nothing wrong with tea towels! I have a suitcase on my list. I agree with commenter #1, though - if what you really want doesn't come in a box, ask for an envelope. There's no point in getting things you don't want/need/intend to use.

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