the Flu?

Oh my... I have been hit with some sort of nasty flu-like thing that I am really not enjoying. I thought it was a migraine yesterday because I usually don't feel so hot with those... but I talked to my poor mom last night and she has "it" (whatever "it" is) too.

I went to bed the same time as the kids last night... 7pm. Doug was at youth group so there was no good reason to stay up anyway. I just didn't have the energy to clean anything up anyway. It was a pretty terrible sleep what with the constantly having to see to my kids or go to the bathroom or waking up freezing cold or boiling hot. BUT I do feel slightly better this morning so I think the 11 hours of mostly rest was a good thing.

So far my kids seem to be doing ok. Owen has been complaining of a sore tummy and is having some bathroom "issues" that I am sure you don't want to hear about. But he is playing ok so that is a good sign. Aiden is a little mellower than normal... which probably means he isn't feeling good but is a bit of a help to me. And Olivia is just super clingy. She FREAKS out if I even think about leaving the room without her.

I don't really like taking cold/flu meds because most of them are not breast-feeding friendly and they also tend to make me a bit on the groggy side.... which is never a good idea when you are home alone with 3 kids. But when Doug got home last night I gave in and took some tylenol cold.... it definitely helped mellow my headache a bit which was a big relief.

My poor mom is sick all by herself in her little apartment. I'd send food over but neither of us feel much like eating. So there really is nothing I can do. But my mom is already such a tiny lady that she really can't afford to lose much weight so I sure hope she gets better quick.

I on the other hand will be fine not eating for about the next 3 months or so. I have plenty of reserves stored up.

Just kidding.


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