Big Boy Owen

Owen had his 4 year old check-up today. He is 47 pounds and 43.7 inches (111 cm) tall. He is big. And oh so cute. He passed all his hearing and eyesight and developmental tests as well. Then he got his booster shot. He did NOT like it. But he was such a good boy.

I took this picture of him yesterday- he was giving me that flower as a present. Isn't he sweet?Here is my mom and Olivia having fun outside. Olivia really isn't feeling 100% these days but she loves to be outside.
This is the "spaceship" that Aiden and Owen built... Aiden is the pilot. Grandma is such a good sport. Luckily Grandma is tiny and can fit in the spaceship seats easily... Mommy found it significantly harder. I really do wonder how I managed to come from such a tiny woman. She tries constantly to GAIN weight. I have the opposite problem. There is no justice.
This is Olivia learning to climb DOWN a step. She has mastered crawling UP steps but down is always a little more difficult. She was also really enjoying looking at all the dead leaves. She didn't even try to eat any this time.

We got the boys school picture proofs today... I am thinking we will do retakes if we can. Aiden refused to smile and Owen looks... well... cute... but silly. I may get a few copies just for posterity's sake.


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