What a week

So as you can see I haven't been very good at keeping my blog up to date this week. I must admit that I have found it quite difficult to manage anything coherent after taking my kids to their swimming lessons by myself. I have mentioned before that I don't like taking my three kids out by myself... it scares me. And I feel frazzled afterwards. Because their simply is no way I can hang on to 3 kids at once. I need another arm.

But really the swimming lessons have gone very well. I must say I am impressed with the teachers- they are younger people but SO good with the little kids. My sons are both in a class with all boys and a young man as their teacher and they are co-taught with a girls class with a young lady as the teacher. My boys LOVE both the teachers. And Aiden is a total fish. The kid loves the pool. Owen loves it too but refuses to put his whole head under water. You should see his teacher valiantly trying to convince him to stick his head in the pool. Good luck.

Of course we have had at LEAST one meltdown from one or both of the boys each day. Plus Olivia's stress since swimming lessons interrupt her nap time. Yesterday Owen ran face first into a rope barrier fence thingy. He was not happy. He screamed and cried so much that he fell asleep and missed his first lesson (they have two lessons each morning).

Today it rained the entire time the lessons were happening... which wouldn't be big deal if we had an indoor pool. But we don't. We have an outdoor pool only. And no shelter. At all. None. So Olivia and I sat in the rain and watched the boys swim in the rain. Fun.

But I am excited to tell you all the Olivia CRAWLED for the first time today. I am so impressed. She was 8 months old yesterday. So now I really have to step up the baby proofing efforts. Sheesh. I never knew how hard that would be once I had 3 & 5 year old toys strewn about the house. Lego is a nightmare for babies. But also Aiden's most favourite toy.

Olivia is also on the fussy side... I think she may finally be getting a tooth. Maybe. We'll see.


the Doug said…
Taking them all out may scare you, but you are good at it. You ROCK!!
Love you.

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