Some more Holiday Pictures

While we were on our vacation we spent the weekend with some good friends of ours- Ben & Melissa Agnew and their sweet kids. Melissa and I were pregnant at the same time for my first two kids.

Here is a picture of Cassidy. She is 5 and above average in everything. Seriously. She can read. And write full sentences. She is far too smart for her own good but cute as a button. When Cassidy was an infant and my first son Aiden was a newborn I was terribly jealous of Melissa. Cassidy slept through the night from early on. She barely cried. She was such a good baby. Aiden on the other hand screamed 12 hours a day. He didn't sleep through the night until he was two. Plus I had postpartum depression. But Melissa was a good friend to me. She often "mommy-sat" me on days when my husband didn't feel like he could leave me alone with Aiden.This is Melissa's husband Ben riding his sons tricycle.
Here is Aiden trying on Cassidy's bike helmet. Cassidy doesn't have training wheels on her bike anymore and Aiden was willing to try the bike... briefly. He still refuses to take his training wheels off. He looks nice in a cute pink helmet don't you think?
Cassidy in this picture is teaching Aiden how to work the straps on her helmet.
Here are the four kids- Quinn and Owen, both age 3, and Aiden and Cassidy, both age 5. They were all fine with getting their picture taken... except Aiden. Can you tell?
It was fun to catch up with Melissa and her family. Our kids haven 't been together in over 3 years- we left Hamilton when both the youngest boys were under a year old.

Thanks to Ben and Melissa for opening your home to us!


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