Shadow Licorice Robertson

The boys have finally decided on a name for our new kitty. His official name is Shadow Licorice Robertson. Shadow really is the perfect cat for our family. He has no fear. He lounges right in the middle of the chaos. Olivia grabbed his ear and pulled him to her and he didn't even flinch. Owen keeps picking the poor little guy up and carting him all over the house and he never even hisses at him. The cat is amazingly patient. This is a very necessary quality in our home!

On the down side he is a very playful kitten... at 4:00 am. He spends about an hour a night playing on our bed. He jumps, he bats at our toes, he walks all over us, he runs up and down the hallway leaping up onto our bed at the end of every cycle. If we pet him he purrs like a freight truck- very loudly. Now don't get me wrong... he is adorable. But he isn't helping my lack of sleep problem.

Owen still really wants a puppy. Doug and I aren't sure if we can handle a puppy. We are thinking we are just too tired to take care of one more thing these days.


Jinny and Colin said…
Do NOT get a puppy. Run away Tara....Run far away. I love my dog and everything, but I don't think I could ever handle a puppy and any kids under the age of 7. Yikes! My sister just got a beagle puppy...he's cute and everything, and I LOVE dogs, but he is just sooooooooooo much work. I think you are wise to stick with the cat...even two cats would be better than one puppy. Maybe you could get another one and call it "Puppy"..haha.
Lots of hugs to you all!
Amanda Franks said…
I love the name, and that it has a middle name too! I'm sure there will be tonnes of great kitty stories in the near future!

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