Random thoughts

I found a cool link from one of the pastor's wives blogs that I read that talks about some of the challenges facing pastor's wives and I wanted to share the link with you all. Specifically it is his July 31st posting. If you are interested read this blog .

In other news my sons had their very first day of swimming lessons this morning. They both did very well and I am so proud.

They also DESTROYED my husbands CD player in our van. I mean really wrecked it. I thought they were downstairs playing with daddy and he thought they were upstairs playing with me. In all truth and reality they were outside playing in our van. Oops.

So now we are going to the city to buy some school supplies and look at a new CD player.



Caroline said…
I just read this...found the link on another blog. Some of his suggestions were kinda odd, for me. I really don't want church people coming over Sunday morning to help us get ready for church - nor do I want them cleaning up my messes (now if they want to pay for a maid - now you're talkin!) The big thing for me is just the unconditional love and support for our family. Our church is awesome, and love us so much.
Jinny and Colin said…
woah, what did they boys do exactly to that CD player?! Sorry man, that sucks. I hope that you can find a good one on sale at future shop...maybe they'll have a few that have been opened or something on a table like they do once in a while...Glad they had fun at swimming though! I never got to take swimming lessons. Sad.

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