Uncle Ray and Aunt Eva's house

Halfway through our vacation we spent a week in Southern Ontario. Doug's Aunt Eva and Uncle Ray live in Toronto and we spent several days there introducing them to Olivia and catching up. When we used to live in Hamilton we would get together with them and Doug's cousins several times per year and we have really missed the regular contact since we moved West.

Here is Olivia getting to know her great Aunt Eva. Olivia is the first baby girl born with the Robertson last name since Aunt Eva was born!
One of the highlights of our trip for the boys was Aunt Eva and Uncle Ray's pool. The boys LOVED being able to go swimming every day. And as a point of interest the first time Aiden ever went swimming was in this pool, same with Owen and this was only Olivia's second time in a pool. Owen is a little more cautious in the pool. It took him awhile to feel comfortable venturing out beyond the steps.He did eventually venture out though. At one point he decided to bite large chunks out of the pool noodle... why? I have no idea. He told me he did it because he was "sooooo hungry".
Aiden on the other hand was not scared of the water at all. Not even a little bit. He spent most of his time running and jumping as far as he could into the water. He loved it.
Aiden can't swim yet (he has his first swimming lessons in August) but he did try floating on his back. He really was so fun to be with in that pool because he was having such a good time.
Olivia spent most of her time watching from the sidelines. She didn't like getting splashed by her brothers while she was in the pool so she never stayed in for very long.
Here is Great Uncle Ray playing with Olivia. She liked his beard.

Here is my sweet happy son Aiden talking about the pool. He really loved that pool. We had a wonderful time visiting with Uncle Ray and Aunt Eva. We really do miss seeing them more often.


Just Me said…
Hey Tara....looks like you're having a great time on your holidays! Wow..a pool! How I wish I had one of those to jump into right now!! We are heading down to the Okanagan ( that's in BC) for our annual get away, at the end of August. How long will you guys be away?? I hope yo uget a good long holiday! Oh..and by the way..I just noticed your list of books you like to read - I've just finished the Ted Dekker series, Red, White and Black ...good writer! Plus my daughters have me reading a couple of his other novels. That guy is amazing! you never know how he's going to tie thing together!!

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