Trying to play catch-up

I must say I am finding it tremendously difficult to get time on the internet while we are on our holidays. Thus my blog has suffered. I am sure I will spend days and days doing nothing but catching up once we get home.

Since my last post we have visited with my dear friend Nancy and her husband and two adorable kids. We went to Toronto Island for the afternoon and the kids played and we chatted. I went to Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre with Nancy 13 years ago. She is one of my dearest friends and I hate living so far away from her and seeing her so briefly!

We also visited the Toronto Zoo- which, although it is very fun, was also extremely expensive and crowded. We saw all manner of enjoyable animals. Aiden's favourite moment was the elephant peeing and pooping and then eating his own poop. Owen's favourite was the monkey doing the same thing as the elephant. Gotta love animals and bodily functions.

We visited with our cousin-in-law Shelagh and her adorable son Charlie (who is about 5 weeks younger than Olivia). We swam in Doug's Aunt & Uncle's pool and had a grand ol' time together.

We spent the weekend with my friend Melissa and her husband Ben and their kids in Grimsby, Ontario. Melissa's kids are almost the same ages as my boys so the kids had a blast together. Melissa is one of my few friends who have visited me in my middle-0f-nowhere home in Saskatchewan. It was very nice to see her again.

Sunday morning we went to church at Stoney Creek Alliance Church (now called "The Creek") where Doug youth pastored for 4 years. It was good to see everyone we knew from our time living in Hamilton. Olivia spent the entire morning screaming in protest to all the hugs and the lack of quiet!

Sunday afternoon our friends Carolynn and Marshall hosted a get together for us. Thanks Carolynn! We had time to catch up with some old friends and the kids had a blast together. Aiden and his cohorts played "party" and spent the afternoon sneaking food into their "tent" and eating all sorts of sugar-high inducing treats. But wow did they ever have fun.

Sunday evening we attended the Freeway church service in downtown Hamilton. They do church differently than your average church and we enjoyed hearing our friend Mark preach. The kids were SOOOOO good considering the crazy day they had already had. After church we went to Mark and Krista's and had a lovely catch-up time.

It was a crazy long busy day but very nice to see old friends.

On Monday we returned to Ottawa to celebrate Doug's brother Dave's birthday with the family. Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia have quickly become two of the boys favourite people and they were so excited to see them.

On Tuesday we slept. Man were we ever tired. Tuesday night we went out for supper with Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia (thanks guys).

Wednesday we visited the single best place to take kids in the Ottawa area- the Children's Museum in the Museum of Civilization. If you are ever in the area and have youngish kids bring them there. It is amazing. And really not too expensive either. Aiden and Owen spent 5 hours straight playing and enjoying themselves and not getting in any trouble for doing so! Oh they had fun. Aiden played dress-up and had on an Arab Sheik costume and played in an Egyptian pyramid. Owen "drove" a motorcycle and rolled a huge round pretend cheese wheel around. They got to play on boats, airplanes, pretend to fish, make wooden boats to take home, make kites, build in a pretend construction site... and the list goes on. It was definitely a highlight of our trip.

Thursday we went to the Canadian Agriculture museum and so more animals and more bodily functions. The boys especially liked the tractor driving simulator.

We also drove around downtown Ottawa and saw the "castle" otherwise known as our parliament buildings. Owen asked if a princess lived there. I told him that was where our prime minister works and he asked me if he had a dragon.

We wandered briefly around an open-air market in downtown Ottawa. Wow. Talk about amazing fresh produce. Our farmer's market at home can't even begin to compare. And it was about 5 times cheaper than our farmer's market too. Doug and I both wished we could be closer to something like that in our town.

Today we slept. We are tired. Doug is sick. Aiden is sick. Olivia is sick. The boys are homesick. But we are still enjoying our holiday. However Doug and I have both noticed that holidays with children aren't exactly the most relaxing events we have ever experienced.

I have lots of pictures to share... just no time to share them.

We will be home in 4 days.


Bebemiqui said…
I love that kids get excited over animals eating poop. Makes mothering easy!
Amanda Franks said…
Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time and so many adventures the kids will remember and talk about over, and over, and over, and over......Hope you enjoy your last few days and that travel home goes safely and smoothly!
Anonymous said…
Hey Tara, sorry B and i missed you!! I hope all is well with you... I'll send you pics as soon as I can!!



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