Poor Olivia.

There is just no justice in this world.

Today I had to take her to get her 6 month shots... which we are 1 month late for (oops). So not only is she still tired and confused and disorientated from our trip now she will also have two sore legs and be miserable from her shots. Poor kid.

But according to the health nurse she is doing just fine. I knew that already but it is always nice to hear. She is now 17 lbs 9 ozs and 26.5 inches long. Which puts her in the 50th percentile. I must admit it is nice having a relatively small baby. My boys were both always in the 80th or higher percentiles for everything.

Boy oh boy did my baby girl scream about her shots. The kid has a healthy set of lungs. When we got home I gave her some Tylenol and now she is asleep but she still has the occasional shudder from all her crying.


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