The Museum of Nature

And now for some more holiday pictures. On July 2 we went to the Museum of Nature in Ottawa with Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia. This first picture is of the 7 of us at Dave & Julia's house- along with their dog Rory.
Here is Uncle Dave spending some quality time with Olivia.
Uncle Dave also likes transformers, video games and cars.... he is Aiden and Owen's hero.

The museum had an extensive dinosaur exhibit which Owen really enjoyed because he loves dinosaurs. Of course what he really wanted to do was TOUCH everything... unfortunately this was a mostly "look but don't touch" museum. Here is Owen feeling dinosaur teeth when the museum people weren't looking.
There was a room full of dinosaur models that you could actually touch. Here is Uncle Dave exploring the inside of a T-rex's mouth. Owen thought he was very funny.They had a special room where the kids could do some crafts and look at some "touch and feel" exhibits. Here is Aiden making a dinosaur craft while Olivia watches.
Aiden did really well visiting all the museums. I wasn't sure how well it would go but it turned out to be very fun.

There was an exhibit that was supposed to mimic the arctic ... but unless snow in the arctic smells like urine it didn't do a very good job. Seriously it really stunk. But Owen still insisted on climbing in it. Here he is peeking out of an ice hole... apparently he didn't notice the urine smell.
Here Uncle Dave and Owen are birdwatching... well, playing with the binoculars anyway. I guess the idea was to use the binoculars to look at all the stuffed birds in the cases. Instead Uncle Dave and Owen looked at the people.

At one point in the bird exhibit they had a pretend bird clinic set up for the kids to play in. The boys mostly just liked the pretend jeep. Here they are"rescuing" some birds. We had a very fun day and I must say that Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia really rose to the challenge of being my boys heroes. Uncle Dave spent most of the day holding two little boys' hands and answering a million questions. Auntie Julia had to read a million information cards for Aiden and she spent a good portion of time looking at the exhibit TV screens with him. It was great fun for the kids. I'm sure Dave & Julia are still recovering from there time with the kids.

If you are ever in Ottawa than I definitely recommend visiting this museum!


Bebemiqui said…
I love it when innocent relatives take over and entertain our kids. They bring something fresh and fine to any outing (and they usually come without a urine smell)!

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