Friday night we had a sleep over party event with Auntie Julia and Uncle Dave. They came over and we all (all 7 of us) slept in the basement (which is blissfully cool). In other words none of the adults slept well but the kids sure had fun. Aiden and Owen are in 7th heaven with Daddy and Uncle Dave around to play video games and cars and spaceships with.

Saturday we went and explored the By Ward Market (an open air market) in downtown Ottawa. I got to go to TWO tea shops. That is shops that are entirely devoted to TEA. Which I love. It was great. And I bought a new tea pot for myself. I am excited. I'm a total tea granny. I hate coffee. But I love tea. We also went to a HUGE Dollarama store which had tons of stuff I wanted to buy but didn't. I so wish we had some better stores where I live. Sigh.

Saturday night there was a party at Grandma and Grandad's house for their combined 60th birthdays. It was fun to see all the people who watched husband grow up be all gaga over my adorable children.

Sunday morning was church again. And I must admit I didn't want to go. I wanted to sleep. Or at the very least stay dressed in my jammies and watch TV. But I went. And it was fine.

Now we are spending a lazy afternoon with Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia before celebrating Julia's birthday this evening. The boys are going to be crushed to say goodbye to them. But on the up side they are both quite excited to go home in two sleeps.


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