We are home.

We awoke in Ottawa at 3:30 am today and have been traveling in one form or another since 4:00 am. We finally arrived home in Tisdale 14 hours later, exhausted. Of course we still had to bring in all our luggage. Feed everyone. Do baths and bedtimes. Catch up with my mom who we all missed and who really missed us. And now I have been awake for 18 hours and I really wish I was asleep.

But we are home. Safe and sound. Home.

I really like home.

Not that I didn't enjoy our holiday. I did. I really did.

But I really do love home.

But wow, can we ever make a clean house messy in a hurry!

And I can tell you all that I did not miss mosquitoes. And I will miss central air conditioning since we don't have that luxury.

Home, home, home, home, home. Love it.

Must sleep now.


Judy said…
Welcome HOME!

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