Feeding the ducks in Ottawa

I have tons of pictures I want to share with you all from our vacation... it may take me awhile though!

We took the boys to one of Ottawa's MANY parks to feed the ducks. It was good times.

The ducks were pretty aggressive so at one point the boys were standing on top of a picnic table so they wouldn't nip at their toes!
Owen wanted to build a space station but the ducks kept getting in the way.
Here is Auntie Julia playing with the boys in the back yard.
Olivia spending time with us all... she sure does love to be held that girl!

My mother-in-law is especially thrilled to have a granddaughter - it's nice to see some pink in the house where 3 boys grew up!


Amanda Franks said…
Love those dimples on Olivia! At first I thought the blog post title was "Feeling the ducks of Ottawa" and I wasn't sure what was going to follow. I saw black eyes and flying feathers in my imagination, so glad they were feeding the ducks! The trip looks better and better the more pics you share!

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