A day with the Martin's

I realize that we have been home from our holidays for a while now but I really want to put up some more pictures of the fun we had. Good times must be shared... even if I am a little slow at it!

My dear friend Nancy and her family came to see us while we were in Toronto. Nancy and I attended Capernwray Harbour Bible Centre together in 1993/94. We have kept in touch over the past 13 years and she is one of my dearest long-distance friends!

This first picture is of the 9 of us taking the ferry over to Toronto Island. I had never been there before and I must say it was pretty cool. It is a little oasis in the middle of the big city.
We had a hurried lunch of hot dogs on the ferry. My boys refused to eat theirs of course.

Aiden and Nancy's daughter Isabella got along very well. They are almost the same age. Bella has got to be one of the cutest little girls in the world.
The kids wanted to play in the spray park but the water was absolutely FREEZING cold. Plus is rained. But Bella and Owen made a valiant effort.
Aiden really wanted Bella to appreciate his new transformer. Unfortunately Bella isn't that interested in transformers...
This is Olivia and Nancy's son Ezra. He is absolutely adorable. Don't they make a cute pair?
Here is Ezra and his daddy, Ryan, having fun together.
Here is Nancy's husband Ryan. He was not terribly impressed with all the pictures my camera- obsessed husband was taking!
Here is Nancy holding Olivia and her and I doing what we do best - talking. It was so wonderful to spend time together.
Nancy, Isabella, Owen and I enjoying the day together.

When the fun was done the kids were pretty tired out. Owen convinced me to carry him. He can be very persuasive that kid.Olivia was exhausted and had a lovely nap in her stroller.
Here is a family picture- Ryan, Nancy, Isabella and Ezra. Aren't the sweet?
And finally a group shot. The Robertson's and the Martin's. It was quite the procedure getting us all together and standing still for this picture!
It was a wonderful day spent with dear friends. Hopefully it won't be another 3 years until we see them again.


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