Canada Day in Ottawa

Here are some more pictures from our holidays . Canada Day in Ottawa was fun. We didn't want to take the kids downtown Ottawa because thousands of people go to the fireworks on parliament hill. That is just too many people crowded around my kids for me to feel safe! So we ended up going to Andrew Haydon park in Nepean with Doug's parents and his brother and his wife. It was good times.

This first picture is of Aiden and Olivia having a sweet moment before we left for the festivities. Aiden is really a very sweet big brother. I love watching them together.The above picture is my son Owen. The below picture is my brother-in-law Dave. I think there is a strong family resemblance between this uncle and his nephew.
It rained on us for a bit during the afternoon so here I am huddled under a blanket with my sister-in-law Julia, Olivia and Owen.

Aiden had a good time jumping on the rocks by the lake. He has SO much energy.

Douglas and his brother Dave being goofy while the kids played in the park.
Owen and his uncle Dave had a lot of fun playing together. Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia are two of the boys favourite people in the world now.
Grandad and Grandma spent the day with us too.

It was seriously cold towards the evening. By the time the fireworks happened we had all turned into Popsicles. This is a picture of me huddling under a blanket with Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia and Olivia and Aiden. It is hard to believe now that the temperature is just slightly below the temperature in the Amazon jungle... but we really were cold on Canada Day! The fireworks were enjoyable but in the distance we could see the fireworks that were happening on parliament hill in downtown Ottawa and I must admit- what we were seeing couldn't even begin to compare. They do it up right in Ottawa on Canada Day.


Amanda Franks said…
Ottawa does do things up right! I have only been there once, but always wanted to go back!

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