Brief Update

Wow. I know. I have really not been keeping up with my blog this past week. But in my defence I haven't had much access to the internet.

And in fact, only have a few minutes to post right now.

Sad. I would love to tell you all about the fabulous things we are doing on our vacation but I really don't have time.

So to summarize...

We visited the Museum of Nature and saw dinosaur bones with Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia. The boys ADORE their aunt & uncle.

We went to a park for Canada Day festivities with Grandma and Grandad and Aunt Julia and Uncle Dave and we FROZE. It was unbelievably cold. But the kids had fun and the fireworks were cool.

We drove to Toronto (where we are now) and the 6 hours of driving went surprisingly well thanks to the makers of Tylenol products. Olivia and her brothers all have colds (of course, since we are on holidays) and so they all got some medicine that day. They all slept. It was bliss.

We introduced Olivia to her Great Aunt Eva and Great Uncle Ray. The boys immediately wanted to swim in their pool and had a blast. They even went swimming again today despite the rainy drisley weather. We also got to see Doug's cousin Andrew and his lovely wife Kiersten which was nice.

Today we went shopping. We went to about a zillion beautiful city stores all in one mall. The big city is amazingly full of shopping opportunities.

I ate Krispy Kreme donuts. Oh how I missed them.

And that is the short story.


Becky M said…
Hey I enjoyed reading about your holiday. It sounds like you and your family are having fun after all. It is nice to be together without the pressures of work or home. I just wanted to say hi today.

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