Backyard fun

This afternoon some of our friends came to play in our backyard with us. Reanne and her girls Shyla, Kylie and Jadyn spent a couple hours with us.

This is a sweet picture of Shyla. She is one of Aiden's best friends and they are only a few months different in age. Shyla will also be starting kindergarten this fall.It is a beautiful hot sunny day here so we got out the pool. Of course Owen decided his "tractor" needed to swim as well. Owen and Kylie are almost the same age and will be attending pre-kindergarten together this fall.
Here is Olivia and baby Jadyn enjoying the blanket in the shade with the mommies.
Here is Aiden showing the girls the castle he made with the rocks in our yard.
A good time was had by all. The boys are happy to see their friends again.


Geegee said…
Hi Tara! Good to hear from you. I hope you had a good holiday. Yes, I would love those would be great ( Poor Olivia with her shots! Ava just got her 4 month shots this week...also one month late. She didn't even cry with the first one and barely whimpered with the second...she was too busy trying to get the nurse to smile at her! She can be such a ham. She is now 13 lbs, 13 inches and in the 25% percentile. I wonder if girls are smaller in general???

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