We are home... briefly.

Wow. That is one LONG drive.

We got back from our conference in Winnipeg late last night. It was about 9 hours of driving each way. Overall it was a good conference. It was very nice to see some old friends and meet some new ones. I will post some pictures I took a little later but right now I have to get everyone ready to go on yet another road trip.

Today we go to Saskatoon (all 3 kids in tow) for my specialist appointment with a surgeon. I have no idea what the surgeon is going to say to me and I am a little nervous. I don't really want surgery on my thyroid. It does not sound fun to me.

Doug and I are both exhausted and tired of driving. After todays 5-6 hours of driving we will definitely be ready to stay home for a while! And wow is gas ever expensive these days.

I missed my boys while we were away but they had a good time with grandma. We are taking them with us to the city today. Olivia was pretty good on our trip but fussier than normal. We figure she is either getting some teeth or she just doesn't like conferences.

Tomorrow Aiden has his kindergarten orientation day. This is a crazy week.


Amanda Franks said…
Good luck with your appointment, hoping the news isn't too scary and that the kids are well behaved!

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