Rain Rain and MORE Rain

This is getting ridiculous.

It is still raining.

It has been raining for DAYS!

Now, if I lived in Vancouver I could understand. But this is not the coast. We are very very far from any coast. We do NOT need this much rain.

Especially my flooding basement.

Not only can my cabin-fevered kids not play outside due to the hideous weather they also can't play in their basement playroom because it is soggy. Very soggy. And smells like mildew. We even had to go out and purchase a SECOND de-humidifier (with all our extra cash - not) so that our basement would not be completely destroyed.

And my darling Olivia has now entered the separation anxiety phase. I can't even leave the room for a second without her bursting into tears. Even when she is asleep she can tell when I have left the room and starts to cry IN HER SLEEP!

On the up side I guess that means we are bonded. Very bonded. Good ol' bonding.

So now I have ALL three of my adorable children RIGHT BESIDE me CONSTANTLY underfoot as I attempt unsuccessfully to get our family ready to fly to the other side of the country in 6 days. Actually we leave in 5 days since we have to get to Saskatoon before we can fly out.

And when my basement flooded it flooded all over my pile of laundry so now I have dirty WET laundry in piles on my basement floor just waiting for me to wash it before it goes moldy. Lovely.

And of course every time I go downstairs to our new moldy swimming pool of a basement to do a load of laundry EVERYBODY has to come with me and we have renewed panic from my sons about the water coming close to their precious toys. Never mind the fact that all my pre-maternity summer clothes are in a box SOMEWHERE down there in that wet basement and I haven't even had a chance to search for them so I shall be tromping around in hot humid Ontario weather in long jeans a size too big. Perfect. That should help me stay cool.

On the up side packing for myself should be relatively easy since I only have 3 pairs of pants that fit me right now. Makes choosing very easy.

Which leads me to the fact that I am feeling especially unattractive and just can't wait for all my "before I had 3 children" friends to see me in my new, updated, plus-sized droopy look.

Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain.

This rant has been brought to you by stressed-out-mommies 'r' us.


Just Me said…
Hey Tara....boy does that bring back memories to ME! Our basement used to flood continually - and I got so tired of cleaning up wet soggy things! and the smell...yes I could 'smell' it when I was reading your post - don't think you ever forget that smell. BUT..on the other hand..the Lord reminded me,that everytime it flooded I always found some amazing 'nugget' - something I'd lost that I'd come upon because I had to go thru boxes ( again!!)..or something I'd forgotten about. AND the flooding definitely made me get rid of stuff that I'd put off sorting - I'm a bit of a pack rat! So..I already started praying for you to find those maternity clothes AND /OR for God to supply some really cute 'new-to-you' ( aka new or second hand) clothes when you get to Ontario. I've asked Him to turn your mourning into dancing! Let me know how it goes!
Judy said…
Oh, no!

I've just been catching up on your blog.

I hope your vacation is fantastic.

You need it!

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