Olivia meets the family

This trip to Ottawa was mainly so that Doug's family could meet Olivia. These first two pictures are of Miss. Olivia getting to know her Grandad Brian. Olivia is getting ever closer to crawling. She now knows that she can reach things if she tries hard enough!

We went over to visit Uncle Dave and Auntie Julia. The boys had SO much fun playing in the park across the street from their house. Uncle Dave was a hit. As a point of interest Uncle Dave has a lot of similar qualities to Daddy and I think the boys were very impressed with his transformers and video games. Auntie Julia and Owen having a snuggle with their dog, Rory.
Uncle Dave getting to know his niece.
I'm glad we made the effort to come all this way. I think it is important for my kids to get to know their extended family. But wow, am I ever tired!

None of the kids are sleeping very well with all the change and a new setting. But really they are doing very well. Olivia is refusing to sleep anywhere but right beside me but that's ok. I can't believe she is almost 7 months old! Time flies.


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