The Museum of Science and Technology

Cities have SOOOO much to do! Yesterday we visited the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa. Wow. So cool. The boys had so much fun with all the interactive displays. Their favourite was these cool tunnel things that were supposed to imitate the information highway that is the internet. They really didn't want to leave.
Grandma Ann had a nice time walking and bonding with Olivia. Which was great for me because it freed me up to run after the other two highly over-stimulated children!
Aiden and Owen experiencing the SAFE way to ride a snowmobile :)
The trains were a highlight for Owen especially. He loves trains.
Daddy and his boys playing with one of the many exhibits.
While we were having our lunch outside we got to witness a police and RCMP training exercise in which they escorted a pretend VIP. It was so cool. 16 motorcycles and cars and lights and sirens. Things we just don't see in our town!
This one very nice police officer let Owen and Aiden sit on his bike which thrilled them.
And of course Mommy and Olivia had to get a picture done to prove we were there!

It was a very fun day and both boys were completely exhausted by the end. Aiden only threw one major tantrum the entire day (and I made him apologize to one of the museum staff for it... I'm such a mean mom). Owen was really good. They both got spaceships from the store at the end which they slept with last night.

Like I said... there is just SO much to do in cities. It is almost overwhelming! Oh the adventures we have when we travel! And Olivia hates being in her car seat. Hates it. She has cried most of the time we drive somewhere. Lovely.


Amanda Franks said…
The museum looks super cool. I'm glad you're getting to do some out of the ordinary things, and that the boys are being so good! Hope the rest of your vacation is just as smashing!

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