Good to know

So basically we went to Saskatoon yesterday for nothing. Apparently the doctor thought I had a "nodule" on my thyroid and so I was seeing the surgeon about what to do about it. Of course after I waited for an hour to see the surgeon he couldn't find the nodule so he sent me for an ultrasound... where I waited for another hour... and the ultrasound showed I didn't actually have a nodule. SO then I waited yet another hour to see the surgeon again so that he could talk to me for less than 1 minute. He said "well, I was right... there is no nodule. So you don't have cancer or anything like that. Your thyroid is swollen and your body is attacking your thyroid so it is in the process of failing but that is not my department so I will refer you back to your specialist and you can repeat the tests in a few months. Thanks for coming in.".

So the good news is I don't have thyroid cancer.

The bad news is my own traitorous body is attacking my thyroid which doesn't help me at all.

Of course I didn't know that thyroid cancer was a possibility until the surgeon told me that he had been checking for it so it wasn't as much of a relief as one would think.

Mostly I was just frustrated by the entire day. Driving all that way, having a 15 minute appointment take 3 hours while my poor husband entertained all 3 of my children in the van in the hospital parking lot.

By the time we got home I just really wanted this week to be done.


Amanda Franks said…
Sorry it was a bit of a dissappointing trip, but at least it's good news! Hopefully your specialist can figure it all out wihtout too many more looooooong appointments.

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