The end of Pre-Kindergarten for Aiden

As I have already mentioned my son Aiden graduated from Pre-kindergarten . I just wanted to post a few of his accomplishments because I am so darn proud of him!This is Aiden with his amazing teacher Mrs. Norum. We will miss her next year.

Here is my son wearing his cap and gown.
This is my son's report card and I am so proud of him because he really improved over his last report card. I realize it is hard to read but just trust me, he did good.
Here is the cute little diploma they gave him. Like I said, his teacher was amazing.
Aiden made this and they had it hanging up on the wall at the ceremony with the other kids' posters. It made me laugh.
And this last picture is Aiden on his kindergarten orientation day. I hear he had a good day and I am praying he gets Mrs. Kirk (the teacher he had for his orientation) for a teacher because she is wonderful and she is so sweet to my kids (and me for that matter!) We know her from church. I never knew how important it would be to me the kind of teachers my kids get but wow... they can make such a difference!
Aiden was so nervous when we left that morning but once we got there he jumped right in.

I am so proud of my kid. I think he is wonderful. High energy. High spirited. Ultra sensitive. Unbelievably creative. Exhausting. And wonderful.


Jinny and Colin said…
I love that he's not going to get married, but will have 10 kids. What exactly are you teaching this boy?!! hahahaha. He's too cute.

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