And off we go

My assignment today is to get us all ready for tomorrow. What is tomorrow you ask? Well, tomorrow is the day my husband, daughter and I leave for our church denomination's district conference. It is a required thing for pastors and I am going along because my mom offered to watch the boys for me. This year the conference is 3 days long and it is in Winnipeg, Manitoba which is about a 9 hour drive from us. And can I just say it is such a huge relief to have my mom around so I can be sure of a safe and reliable caregiver for my boys? I love it and I know how blessed I am to have it because we have not always lived this close to each other.

I am not looking forward to the drive. I am hoping Olivia travels well. I think she will.
Conference is almost entirely business sessions where the attendees get to vote on various things that will affect our local churches and denomination as a whole. It can be super boring. But I am still glad to be going because it is always nice to interact with people who know what you are going through. Plus this past week hasn't been that great and sometimes I start to feel a little panicky of the thought of being without Doug for that long and this way that isn't even an issue. And even though I know the feelings are post-partum depression / thyroid related they are still hard to handle sometimes.

We will be coming home late Wednesday night. Then on Thursday we have to go to Saskatoon, which is 2.5 hours in opposite direction, because I have a specialist appointment. This time I am meeting with a surgeon who, in theory, is going to decide whether or not a "nodule" on my thyroid needs to be removed. I am hoping not. The idea of surgery does not thrill me.

We are going to take the boys on that trip though since we will have just been away for 3 days. If we are lucky we might be able to meet up with Uncle Phil and Auntie Erica briefly while we are there since the boys absolutely adore them (and of course we love them too).

Then on friday Aiden has his kindergarten orientation day where he will spend all day in one of the kindergarten classes at the school. It will be his very first day at school for the entire day and parents are not invited. Which is a good thing since I couldn't very well go with Owen and Olivia tagging along.

The point is that this is going to be an excessively busy week.

On another note I found church hard this morning. I could feel the discouragement of some of the people there and yet I felt helpless to help them. I know that I can pray for them. I do. But sometimes I just wish I could take their pain away. And I can't. So there you have it.


dags said…
enjoy your week, and even though it may be slightly boring, enjoy the calm before the storm :)

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