8 Days and Counting

It has been raining most of the day today. On the up side of that everything is becoming so lovely and green outside. On the down side it means we have been trapped inside since neither of my sons will play in the rain longer than 30 seconds.

I have been enjoying Facebook lately. I have moved so much in my life that it gets frustrating to continuously lose track of friends far away. Facebook is a fun way of catching up on people's lives.

Miss. Olivia is still drooling profusely and still has not produced a single tooth.
Notice the stream of drool dripping off her adorable chin.

Isn't she lovely?

8 days until vacation.


Amanda Franks said…
Oh my gosh that is a lot of drool. Hopefully those teeth poke through soon. Good choice on the nakedness. I can't remember how many shirts I've changed once they become drenched.

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