2 more sleeps

My husband took some beautiful pictures today of my fabulous looking children. I thought I would share some of them with you all. I really love my husband's pictures.
This is Olivia enjoying sitting (unassisted on her own) in the grass. Of course she also wanted to eat the grass.
My sons were enjoying the sunshine and playing on our front deck. Aiden (in the blue shirt) is obsessed with spaceships and all related things and often turns various toys into space toys. Owen (in the green shirt) finds him fascinating to watch.
The spaceship is hiding from the aliens in our plants. Of course.
This is just Owen looking like the sweet child that he is.

Two more sleeps until we leave for vacation. We head to Saskatoon to stay over night Sunday night and fly out at 6 am Monday morning. Wow.

Now if I could just get everything together to go everything would be fine.

And we have church and the church picnic on Sunday before we can even leave so that means I have to have us all ready to go by tomorrow night.

That is really soon.

And I'm not done all the laundry yet.

On the up side the basement is drying out nicely. And my mom is going to come and help me get ready during the day tomorrow.

I have a headache.

I did have a very nice lunch today though. My friend Becky had her 38th birthday today and my friend Cecile and I took her for "lunch". We had ice cream. And that is all. Nothing healthy. It was great. Then we all went back to her place for a visit which was a treat. I will actually miss my friends while we are gone for 3 weeks. And my mom. I have gotten very used to her help. Yay mom.

Ok. I really need to do more laundry.


Geegee said…
Hey Tara! I jsut found your blog address after misplacing it after conference. it is great to see pictures of your kids. Would you be able to send me the pics you took of the babies at the conference. You can send them to ddolsky@lhac.ca I hope you have a great holiday and hopefully we will hear from you once you are back. Be blessed.
Leigh said…
What beautiful children! Your husband does take great pictures. :o)
Amanda Franks said…
I hope you have a great vacation!

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