Who needs a vacation anyway?

So we are in the midst of trying to plan our summer vacation. Yes, it is kind of late to start planning but we had to wait until we got our income tax return back to find out how much money we have to spend. Anyway, we were hoping to go out east to introduce Olivia to Doug's family out there but WOW is it expensive to travel that far! If we drive it will take us 4 full days of driving, at least 2 nights of hotels, meals and snacks, and GAS at $1.15 a litre. One way. So basically for a 3 week vacation we spend 8 of those days driving 8 to 10 hours a day. With 3 kids.

So we looked into taking the train because VIA rail has a "kid's travel free" deal going on this summer. But it would still take us 44 hours and $1600 plus meals to get there. Not to mention the 44 hours trapped in a train with my 3 kids. And I would have to hold Olivia on my lap the ENTIRE time. If we put her in her car seat we have to purchase her a ticket.

That leaves flying. For the low low price (not) of $2200 we can fly all 5 of us there. Only 10 or so hours of travel (including lay overs) and we would likely have to fly in the middle of the night. But then we won't have access to a vehicle while on our vacation and it is pretty hard to find people who have vehicles big enough to cart around a family of 5. Not to mention the fact that the tickets take up a GIGANTIC portion of our budget for the entire vacation.

The moral of the story is I'm frustrated.

We really do need to go away somewhere for my husband's rest and sanity. If we stay here in town he won't really have a vacation. But going anywhere is insanely expensive. Sigh.

The fact that I am still sick and my 3 kids are still sick probably isn't helping my outlook so I think I shall just stop thinking about it for now.


Toni said…
Sorry to hear you are sick, I hope you feel better soon!

we got our income tax return back to find out how much money we have to spend- you sound like us!

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