What gardens were REALLY meant for

It is another gloriously sunny day here in our little corner of Saskatchewan and my sons have found a new pastime. Playing in mud. What could be better?
At one point Aiden told me that he is building a pool for us to swim in. Sounds... muddy.

And yes, Aiden is wearing his grandma's rubber boots. Yes, he does have his own but he couldn't wear them today because he had filled them with so much water yesterday that they are still wet. Now grandma's rubber boots are wet inside too.

But they sure are having fun!

Who needs a garden anyway?


blackpurl said…
Now my sons are 20 and 17, however, when they were 7 and 4 we moved into a new house with a big backyard and this is exactly what they did. Only they were playing Noah and the ark with all their plastic animals!

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