What exactly do you mean by "organized"?

I have decided that one of the most difficult tasks I have ever attempted to perform is organizing my home while trying to care for 3 children age 5 and under. In fact, it is impossible. Every time I get started I have to stop to get someone juice, or a snack, or break up a fight, or change a diaper, etc. etc. etc. It never stops. Not even for a minute.

I wish that TLC show Clean Sweep (where they come and organize your home in two days) would come to my house. Somehow I don't think they would travel to our little town though.

I have entertained thoughts of just throwing everything out onto our front lawn and putting up a garage sale sign. Of course the people would have to sift through the piles themselves. None of that fancy putting stuff nicely on tables and tarps for me. Nope. Just huge piles. And signs that read "help yourself" and "taking donations for the "help Tara organize her home" fund".

I think a great idea for homes would be to have a laundry type chute in every room that leads to bin outside and every time you find something you don't want or need anymore you just chuck it down the chute and once in a while some nice person comes and collects the bins for you. That way you don't have to be organized enough to have an actual place to put things that you are getting rid of. It is also a space saver. My husband pointed out that the chutes may let in things like bugs and cold air which would not be great. And the kids would get into the bins outside. But I still think the idea holds merit.

On the up side, the fact that I am even ATTEMPTING to organize ANYTHING means I am feeling a little better. That's a good thing. The crappier I feel the messier and less organized my home is.

Things are looking up.
But still up.


Jinny and Colin said…
I absolutely love the idea of a 'chucking out the stuff you don't need' chute. It's brilliant. Maybe you should invent the company that does that...I'll hire you!

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