We're back

We have returned from our adventure in the big city of Saskatoon. Overall it was a nice trip. It was very nice to have some uninterrupted time with my husband. Olivia was so good too. There were a few snafu's though- the bed & breakfast we stayed at had a minor communication mix-up (the husband failed to tell the wife we were coming) and so we were switched to a smaller room (since the wife didn't know she was supposed to get the larger room ready for us). It was a lovely room but it only had a double bed. We had intended to just have Olivia sleep with us to avoid carting the play-pen around. A double bed is just not big enough for the three of us to sleep even remotely comfortably. We tried to make her a comfy bed on the floor but she was too freaked out about the new surroundings to go for that. So my poor husband ended up spending a good portion of the night on the blankets on the floor. Poor guy. He says he didn't mind.

After a lovely breakfast at the bed & breakfast we spent the morning shopping. We bought my husband his birthday/father's day present- a new camera. If you are into photography at all you can read all about that on his blog.

I had wanted to find Olivia some clothes in the city. And I really tried to. But apparently all the other mother's with infants Olivia's size got to all the stores first and I could barely find anything in her size. I did manage to find a few things but it took going to 3 stores to do so.

My husband bought me a new shower curtain and accessories for our bathroom for mother's day (I did ask for this). I think I like it. I am one of those people who have a hard time visualizing things before they are actually put together so I never really know if I will like something or not until it is all done. This drives my husband crazy. Actually, it drives me crazy too but what can you do? Nothing.

After shopping we went to my specialist appointment. This was the frustrating part of my day. Basically we drove all that way so the specialist could tell me two things. 1. They are going to wait and see what happens with my thyroid. and 2. she is going on maternity leave in a couple months and will be passing my care onto someone who is ALMOST a specialist until she returns.

I really think she could have told me that over the phone and saved us the 5 hours of driving.

Basically the deal with my thyroid is that there is two possible diagnosis for what is going on and one is pregnancy related while the other is not. So they want to wait until I am a few more months post-partum and do all the stinking tests over again to see if it changes the results. Then, in theory, they will tell me a for-sure diagnosis.


She did do a couple of tests while I was there... I think she felt bad for making us come all that way for a 2 minute appointment. She did a couple heart tests because I have been having some high blood pressure lately and that is not normal for me. She also wants me to go off of my anti-depressants because she thinks they may be causing my high blood pressure and she also thinks my moods are likely being caused by my thyroid, not post-partum depression.

I am a little afraid to go off the anti-depressant in case I plummet downhill into the darkness of depression but I guess we'll see how it goes.

I can always go back on them if I need to.

Olivia is miserable today and the boys are extra clingy. As nice as it is to go away it sure screws up schedules at home.

The boys did have a great time with grandma Patricia though.


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