The Sweetest Thing

I just think Olivia is the sweetest thing. She can brighten up anyone's day. Even grumpy mommy.Olivia's newest trick is being able to sit up with just this pillow for support.
She has also started to really roll around. Mostly just in one direction but she can roll all over the room.


Just Me said…
OK I gotta admit that baby of yours is way too cute! Makes me want to tell my kids to hurry up and make me a grandma!! ...I caught up on your posts - been super busy - and am just wondering how your'e doing with the headaches and the depression? I've just been walkign thru a couple of other gals thru the same thing - one in our church, the other another pastors wife from a local church. We found this CD's that explain depression, really helpful - if you think you might be interested...track me back to my blog sight and email me - I'll send you a copy! In the mean time - hang in - this too will pass - honest!

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